Since 2014 our Law office has officially become the sole and exclusive representative of the prestigious international network of legal firms Mackrell International ( for the Slovak Republic. Mackrell International connects more than 4500 lawyers in 60 countries all over the world and it is annually ranked among the leading law firms network Chambers & Partners (in the section Leading Law Firm Networks) by the reputable rating company.

The fact we have become the exclusive member of the globally respected international association has just confirmed the high level of our services, since prior the membership difficult selection process took place.

This close connection with other Law offices all over the world provide us, and also you, our clients, with the opportunity for cooperation even in the most complicated legal tasks with the international element and also help with cross border operations. Thanks to that we may perfectly get orientated very fast also in foreign laws of less known jurisdictions, respectively we may directly mediate the services of lawyers in countries, where our clients have their business partners, receivables, and also any other interests and activities.

Due to intensive cooperation within the created practise groups associating legal experts from different areas of law from all over the world, we enrich our legal knowledge with the international element and we offer this practise group quality and experience also for you.